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Brow Lamination DIY Home Kit 


Finally, you can do the hottest brow treatment from home!


This Brow Babe Kit includes Perming Lotion, Fixing Gel, Nourishing Lotion and Brow Adhesive and brush tools, this kit will take your brows from basic to bushy within minutes!

5ml bottles.


Complete the kit with our Best Selling Brow Shampoo and Brow Soap (Each sold seperately)


Collaboration with @browbabex

Home Lamination Kit by Brow Babe

SKU: homelaminationkit
  • - Thoroughly cleanse the eyebrow area with Clean Freak Brow Cleanser

    - Apply the adhesive to the brows ensuring all the hairs are in the same direction and in place to achieve your desired look.

    - Apply the lifting lotion over the brows with a micro brush and ensure you do not come into contact with the skin. Leave on 10-15 minutes depending on the thickness of the brow hair.

    - Remove the lifting lotion after the required time.

    - Apply fixing lotion with a clean micro brush using the same application technique as step 1 and leave on 10-15 minutes.

    - Remove the fixing lotion after the required time and cleanse the area to ensure all lotions and glue has been removed.

    - Apply nourish lotion with a micro brush to ensure brows are moisturised.

    Please Note:

    Ensure you do a patch test before treatment

    Do not wax or exfoliate the area before the treatment

    Do not carry out the treatment on damaged, sun burned or thin skin.

    Do not use the same micro brush to apply different lotions.

    If an adverse reaction occurs remove the product immediately and consult with your gp.